#EndStigma and #StopOverdose

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The provincial government is investing $322 million over the next three years to save lives, end stigma and improve access to services for people struggling with addiction. This campaign is part of government’s commitment to combat the overdose crisis and save lives.

By visiting the campaign’s website www.StopOverdoseBC.ca, people can access life-saving information on how to have courageous conversations with loved ones who may be struggling with substance use, where to go for treatment and recovery services, and how to find harm reduction supports, as well as community-based and culturally appropriate support services.

Supervised consumption and overdose-prevention services continue to open. These sites will expand access to drug-checking services and services to proactively identify and support people who are at risk of overdose to enter treatment and recovery.

“Stigma around addiction is killing people,” said Judy Darcy, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions. “Addiction is often a response to deep pain or trauma, and stigma drives our loved ones to act and live in dark silence. We need to knock down the walls of silence and encourage courageous conversations between friends, family and co-workers struggling with substance use, so they feel supported in seeking treatment and recovery.”